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Meoryou Meoryou 15 March 2018

Day 2 of My Stupid Blog

I went to my grandfather's house today. He's divorced from my grandmother, Linda, and my grandfather, Charlie.

He told me about the warlords.

They control us all.

Stay tuned.

If I don't report back in 39.2 hours, send help. Even though I'm probably....


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Meoryou Meoryou 12 March 2018

Day 1 of My Stupid Blog

Today I went to the park and I ate some chicken nuggets from the floor. I caught herpes from them and I died. It was a bad experience but then the virgin of my dreams came and fixed it all for me. I was super duper happy... because she revived me (what do you think she done to me???) Anyway i was alive again so i ate some more chicken nuggets (my favoriteeee) and it was realy good. yay that's it. See ya tommroow!!!

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Meoryou Meoryou 11 March 2018

Why CC Rocks

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