Camp Cadaver Wiki

Hello, Gking10 here, welcome to my trash.

So this is a song, because all social deduction games need to have songs. It's like a law or something. So, anyway, this is not a rap. Please don't rap it. The tune is kinda slow and follows the "duh - duh - duh - duh - duh - duh - duh" fro, the night music of the original game... (Sigh... I don't know what I'm doing.)

Camp Conover by Gking10

Why would they bring children here,

To this place of fog and fear?

There's anterior motives, I think that's clear.

The Bus Driver drives at his location.

This is a nightmare of our creation.

The teens load out one by one.

I notice in one's hand- Is that a gun?

This is a school trip fated to go

Wrong, wrong, wrong

But while we survive

As long as we are alive

Let's gather for one last campfire song

Camp Conover

Our lives are over

In this hellish game

Innocents are slain

Turn on your friends

Bring their lives' end

Execute those you hate

Before it's too late

Their goal is clear

To turn you into a cadaver...

Some say the killer still walks to this day...

Some say victims' blood brings psychos anew

I'm a goth and ghost whisperer. Here's what the spirits say.

"All we know is that they're coming for all of you"

Rumors around the camp tell of the tycoon.

Who wants this land for him and his goons

And there are those we long outcast

Who want to cause trouble for us trying to outlast

We're all bystanders to the slaughter

No longer

Will we sit down and take this

We must be strong

So let's gather for the sacrifice

To our campfire song

Camp Conover

Your life's over

In this hellish game

You're the one to blame

You turned on your friends

And brought their lives' end

We executed you out of hate

Before it was too late.

Your goal was clear

To turn us into cadavers

"I'm a local priest and too say, at the least,

When put up to the test, to the murders, Claud confessed."

"Wait, I'm a nerd and from what I have learned,

that role can simply not be. You must be a bully!"

"I am your counselor and with this information, I would concur,

If you weren't acting so suspicious! You're a stalker planning something malicious!"

"Alright you all win, I confess all my sins.

I caused all their deaths, because I should have been the last one left."

"You heard that, sacrifice!" "Oh crap, we shouldn't have taken that advice."

In his will, "You're going down!" Claud's role was Class Clown...

"I'm the one who brought this strife, I caused his death

Before I take my own life, I'll say this with my last breath...

A Wolfman unleashes his inner beast.

The Scientist spreads his deadly disease.

The Puppet Master wraps you in strings.

and the Collector stores you with his things.

A Blob absorbs you into his mass.

A slasher cut you up extremely fast

A scarecrow stalks you from outside

and a Convict is attempting to hide.

A Strangler chokes your throat

An Idol turns you into a slave, devote.

A Gasser spreads his fumes around.

A Firestarter burns your house down.

A wendingo consumes your skin

There's no way that you could win,

You situation's just too dire

So let gather around the campfire..."

Camp Conover, Where you're a misfit.

Camp Conover, where for living, you're unfit.

Camp Conover, you must contest.

Camp Conover, to win this quest

Camp Conover

Our life's over

We no longer fear

Now we're cadavers.