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Welcome to the Camp Cadaver Wiki

Just a few years ago, on this very date, in this very camp, a gruesome murder took place. One so heinous that the victim's affluent family vowed to buy out and demolish the entire park, regardless of who stands in their way. Some say that the killer still prowls these woods. Others believe the spot draws new killers in like predators are drawn to the scent of blood. All we know for sure is that it's time for Camp Conover to re-open its gates... and we should probably start by painting over that "Camp Cadaver" graffiti...

What is this Wiki?

This site is a player-driven resource for information regarding the Mafia/Werewolf styled browser-based game, "Camp Cadaver". Bringing a 1980s slasher film vibe to the genre, Camp Cadaver seeks to build upon the classic role-guessing murder game with new additions that are both fun and functional. With retro gaming graphics and a pool of brand new roles, Camp Cadaver brings past and future together in a way that will leave you bleeding out on the floor... with excitement!

Game Information

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