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Cat Lady

Alignment: Hero Killing


  • Give a player a cat each night.
  • You may take a cat back from someone but will not get any uses back.

Role Info

  • If you die at night, cats you have given out will kill their new owners
  • You can give out 3 cats.

Win Condition

  • You must eliminate all villains and psychos.


  • When a player receives a cat they will be alerted and their cat will have a random name.
    • A Cat Lady has given you a cat. ["His" or "Her"] name is [cat name]!
  • When a player get a cat taken away from them, they will also be alerted.
    • A Cat Lady has taken [cat name] back. You will miss ["him" or "her"].
  • Cat Lady receives messages when they both give and take away a cat.
    • You give your target one of your cute little cats.
    • You take back [cat name]. ["He" or "She"] starts purring.

Investigative Results

Counselor: Your target is not suspicious.

Nerd: Your target has an unhealthy need for companionship. They must be a Cat Lady, an Ex, a Collector or the Gamemaster.

Stalker/Snitch: You follow your target to a pet clinic and see they are a Cat Lady.

Cat Names

The following is a list of names the cats can be called, and what genders those cat names go along with. This list may not include all names, however, it has quite a few of them.

Cat Name Gender
Kat F
Fluffy F
Sylvester M
Sir Fluffington M
Simba M
Misty . F
Lucky M
Patches M
Mittens M/F
Felix M
Angel F
Garfield M
Boots F
Tabby F
Socks M
Cody M
Patrick M
Princess F
Whiskers M
Shadow M
Max M
Tom M