Camp Cadaver Wiki


Alignment: Outcast  revenge


  • You may select yourself at night to appear "psychotic" to Counselors. You will otherwise appear "suspicious".
  • Once you are sacrificed by vote, select one player who voted guilty to make them die of guilt that night.

Role Info

  • If you do not select to guilt a guilty voter, one will be randomly selected.
  • You will automatically confess to murder if checked by a Priest.

Win Condition

  • You must get yourself voted guilty.

Investigative results

Counselor when not using ability:Your target is suspicious!

Counselor when using ability:Your target is acting psychotic!

Nerd:Your target is very interested in death. They must be a Goth, a Maid, or a Class Clown.

Stalker/Snitch:You follow your target to a joke shop and see they are a Class Clown.