Camp Cadaver Wiki


Alignment: Hero Support


  • Select one player each night to return something to them.

Role Info

  • If the player you select chooses to use their night action, it will be applied back to them instead.
  • You may successfully return something 5 times.

Win Condition

  • You must eliminate all villains and psychos.


  • A Delivery Boy can make a Boogeyman redirect to themselves, effectively cancelling the Boogeyman's redirect.

Investigative Results

Counselor: Your target is not suspicious.

Nerd: Your target knows business. They must be a Delivery Boy, a Researcher or a Manager.

Stalker/Snitch: You follow your target to a shipping truck and see they are a Delivery Boy.


Return to Sender - Win 10 rounds as Delivery Boy.

Reward: OoPS

Ticking Package  - Make 5 returns in one round as Delivery Boy.

Reward: FedAxe