Playable Modes

Camp Cadaver has more than a few gamemodes to change gameplay in various ways. So far, these include:


The way the game is meant to be played by default. Out of all the gamemodes, Classic plays the most like one would expect a social deduction game based on Mafia to play.

In order to have a Custom List eligible for Classic play, it must meet the following conditions:

Election Season

Election Season plays similarly to Classic, but places more of an importance on sacrificing players with a system that guarantees at least one player will die by sacrifice every day. If a player is not sacrificed during the voting period, a random living player will be sacrificed. This renders it impossible for a Gremlin to win in Election Season, so Gremlins will not appear normally in this gamemode.

There are no specific conditions that need to be met for a Custom List be playable in this gamemode.


In Purge, all Psychos in the game are placed on a team the same way Villains would be in any other gamemode. Psychos may chat with each other at night and will know who other Psychos are. Psychos all win together just like Villains win with each other. Villains will not appear on this list. Gossips can hear psycho chat

In order to have a Custom List eligible for Purge play, it must meet the following conditions:

  • No Villains can be on the list
  • The list must contain at least two Psychos

Special Snowflake

In the incredibly well named Special Snowflake gamemode, the game will begin with only one of each role, including roles that aren't unique. Non-unique roles will not be treated as unique roles, so roles such as Vessel and Airhead will still function as they normally would. A Late Bloomer, however, can only become a role that isn't already present in-game.

In order to have a Custom List eligible for Special Snowflake play, it must meet the following conditions:

  • Have no more than one of each role that is on the role list

Mystery Death

In Mystery Death mode, the cause of death is hidden when dead players are revealed each morning. This allows killers to hide in plain sight. Players won't know which Psycho is in the round, won't know if players were killed by a Hero, Villain, or Psycho, and so on. Players who are killed see their cause of death, which they can then theoretically reveal if they're resurrected by a Virgin, get to talk an extra day due to Orphan, or talk to a Goth at night. If a player is sacrificed by vote, their cause of death is, of course, not hidden.

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