Camp Cadaver Wiki


Alignment:Outcast  revenge


  • Once any player is sacrificed, you may choose to sabotage a living player who did not vote guilty.

Role Info

  • Sabotaged players will die in 2 nights.
  • If another player is sacrificed, your target will no longer be sabotaged, and you may choose again.

Win Condition

  • Cause someone to die by sabotage.


  • Targets will be notified that they were sabotaged by a Gremlin.
  • This role cannot appear in the Election Season game mode.

investigetive results

Counselor: Your target is not suspicious.

Nerd:Your target seems to not want to kill others themselves. They must be a Park Ranger, a Gremlin, or an Idol.

Stalker/Snitch:You follow your target to the wing of a plane and see they are a Gremlin.