Autowin Hierarchy

Autowin is a system designed to automatically end the game when only two players are left alive. One of the players will have their faction win, while the other will have theirs lose (unless they have already won, example: Salesman).Certain roles will not trigger the autowin system, and the game will continue with only two roles left alive.

The list is ordered from top to bottom, with roles/factions losing to those above them and winning against those beneath them.

Rank Role/Faction
1st Final Girl
2nd Psychos
3rd Villains
4th Heroes

Psycho Hierarchy

While Psychos will automatically win against most other roles when autowin kicks in, there's also a hierarchy for which Psychos win against other Psychos. If multiple of the same Psycho are the only roles left alive, all of them will win. The Psycho Hierarchy is made obsolete in the Purge gamemode, where all Psychos win together.

Rank Role Reason For Rank
1st Wolfman Highest rank because it ignores night immunity
2nd Gasser High rank because it ignores night immunity
3rd Scientist can infect targets and there visiters
4th Scarecrow can attack anyone that visits there target
5th Firestarter ignites seveal people at once
6th Spider similar gameplay to firestarter
7th Idol Higher than Slasher due to not visiting targets
8th Slasher Original of the Psycho Directs placed above them
9th Convict Below Slasher because it is considered stronger
10th Strangler Below Convict because it is considered stronger
11th Gamemaster it can trap people with out visiting them
12th Puppet Master Low rank to balance its power
13th Blob low rank because of not being able to be killed when it absorbed a person
14th Poltergeist low rank because they are overpowered
15th Wendigo Lowest rank because it has no night immunity
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