Camp Cadaver Wiki


Alignment: Hero Investigation


  • Select yourself during the day to wander the streets at night.

Role Info

  • While you wander, you will see the anonymous night actions of other players, live, as they are performed.
  • You may wander up to four nights.
  • You cannot see players visiting themselves or the dead.

Win Condition

  • You must eliminate all villains and psychos.


In addition to the inability to see players visit themselves or the dead, the Insomniac is also unable to see players cancel their night actions.

  • Example: Rebel chooses to shoot somebody then changes their mind. Insomniac will see an attack directed at the player but they will not be notified in any way that the attack was cancelled.

Investigative Results

Counselor: Your target is not suspicious.

Nerd: Your target seems to always lose sleep. They must be an Insomniac, a Scarecrow, or a Gambler.

Stalker/Snitch: You follow your target to a sleep clinic and see they are an Insomniac.


Never Sleep Again - Win 10 rounds as Insomniac.

Reward: Irene