Camp Cadaver Wiki


Alignment: Hero Support


  • Select one person during the day to speak with them anonymously during the night. 

Role Info

  • You may select yourself during the day to speak to a randomized, anonymous source at night.

Win Condition

  • You must eliminate all villains and psychos.


  • Anonymously interviewed players will be told they are anonymous at the beginning of the interview.
  • A Journalist cannot interview while detained by the Principal and is unable to interview detained players.
  • A Journalist may interview while kidnapped by the Collector and is able to interview kidnapped players.

Investigative Results

Counselor: Your target is not suspicious.

Nerd: Your target has a smoke-filled van. They must be a Journalist, a Stoner or a Gasser.

Stalker/Snitch: You follow your target to a news outlet and see they are a Journalist.


Whatta Scoop - Win 10 rounds as Journalist

Reward: Johnson