Camp Cadaver Wiki


Alignment: Villain Support


  • Select yourself during the day to go undercover that night.
  • While undercover, you will hear the anonymous night chat of Heroes.

Role Info

  • You may go undercover 4 times.
  • You can hear all whispers.

Win Condition

  • You must destroy all heroes and psychos.


  • A Mole cannot hear the Collector speaking to the kidnapped and vice versa.
  • A Mole can use their ability while detained, interviewed, haunted, etc. It will be consumed as usual.
  • A Mole will hear all possible night chats at once (Principal, detainee, Journalist, Goth, etc.)
  • A Mole cannot hear the dead chat, but can hear the Goth talking to the dead.
    • Dead Goths and their targets will be heard while a Goth is haunting.

Investigative Results

Counselor: Your target is suspicious!

Nerd: Your target can be found in other's homes. They must be the Babysitter or a Mole

Stalker/Snitch: You follow your target underground and see they are a Mole.