Camp Cadaver Wiki


Alignment: Hero Support


  • Select a player each night to add them to your scrapbook.

Role Info

  • If a player in your scrapbook is murdered at night, they will be able to speak to the living as a ghost the next day.
  • If you die, your scrapbook is cleared.
  • You may speak to the living on the day after your own death.

Win Condition

  • You must eliminate all villains and psychos.


  • If a player is speaking to the living through an Orphan's power while appearing alive, the Puppet Master or an Identity Thief is likely involved.
  • Scrapbooked players will speak to the living through an Orphan's power for the remainder of the day if they are sacrificed.
    • Unlike if the scrapbooked were to die at night, a systematic notification will not appear to everybody in the chat that they are able to communicate with the living, despite them being able to.

Investigative Results:

Counselor: Your target is not suspicious.

Nerd: Your target seems to want to preserve people. They must be an Orphan, a Plastic Surgeon, or the Blob.

Stalker/Snitch: You follow your target to an orphanage and see they are an Orphan.