Camp Cadaver Wiki


Alignment: Misfit


  • Select one player each night to run tests on them.

Role Info

  • You are randomly assigned good or evil alignment.
  • If you target an ally, you will heal them.
  • If you target an enemy, you will paralyze them the next day.

Win Condition

  • Figure out which side you work for, and help them win.

Testing Results

When a player is tested on, they will usually be either healed or paralyzed depending on the player's faction/role and the Researcher's allegiance.

Good Researcher Reaction Evil Researcher Reaction
Heroes Heal Paralyze
Villains Paralyze Heal
Psychos Paralyze Heal
Outcasts Paralyze Heal
Bystanders No reaction No reaction
Misfits (Excluding Researcher) Paralyze Heal
Good Researcher Heal Paralyze
Evil Researcher Paralyze Heal


  • In the event that a Good and Evil Researcher are the final remaining living roles, the Good Researcher will win, along with the Heroes.
  • In the event of a draw, any Evil Researchers will win, while any Good Researchers will lose.
  • A Researcher can save a player from dying from a Gasser's gas if they are protected the night they are to die from said gas (not necessarily the night they are initially gassed).

investigetive results

Counselor:Your target is not suspicious.

Nerd:Your target knows business. They must be a Delivery Boy, a Researcher or a Manager.

Stalker/Snitch:You follow your target to a secret facility and see they are a Researcher.