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Role: Rioter

Alignment: Outcast revenge

Summary: This role's purpose is to get hung. Once the rioter is hung, everyone in the round will swap roles (through the use of RNG) with everyone else. Players only receive a role that is currently in the game.

Role Info

  • Once you are sacrificed by vote, all players' roles will be randomly reassigned.

Win Condition

  • You must get yourself voted guilty.


  1. Only players that are alive will take part in the swap. Dead players (including the Rioter) will keep their current roles.
  2. Roles swapped will only be roles that were already in the round.
  3. You can still end up with the same role you had before the swap.
  4. If it is election season and they are selected to die, a role swap still occurs and the Rioter will win.

Investigative Results

Nerd: Your target is looking for trouble. They must be the Bouncer, a Rioter, or a New Kid.

Counselor: Your target is not suspicious.

Stalker/Snitch: You follow your target to a protest and see they are a Rioter.


There are five people left in the round. The roles are rioter, nerd, cheerleader, counselor, and tycoon.

Once the Rioter gets hung, a riot begins: RNG assigns everyone a new role. The following scenarios can happen exactly like this or a combination of them (more likely).

Scenario One: All roles rotate, no one swapping roles or staying the same.

Nerd becomes Counselor

Cheerleader becomes Tycoon

Tycoon becomes Nerd

Counselor becomes Cheerleader

Scenario Two: Role Swaps.

Nerd becomes Tycoon and Tycoon becomes Nerd

Counselor becomes Cheerleader and Cheerleader becomes Counselor

Scenario Three: People stay the same roles.

Nerd stays Nerd

Counselor becomes Cheerleader

Cheerleader becomes Counselor

Tycoon stays Tycoon