Camp Cadaver's player roles are broken up into seven groups.

  1. Heroes, who must decide what information to trust and kill the Villains and Psychos.
  2. Villains, who work together to clear out enemies.
  3. Psychos, who work alone to kill everyone else.
  4. Outcasts, who have specific evil goals.
  5. Bystanders, who can ally with whoever they choose while completing their goals.
  6. Misfits, who have unique abilities meant for specific lists. As a results of this, they are excluded from most regular lists.
  7. Hillbillies is a upcoming faction who convert and work together to kill others

In a scenario where only two roles are left alive, a hierarchy exists in order to automatically give one of the two a win. Some roles maybe be able to win with other roles, such as Outcasts and Bystanders. If you want to see the upcomeing roles go here Future Roles


Role Type Unique Description
Babysitter Protection Yes Select one person at night to give them continuous night immunity.
Bus Driver Decisive No Swap two targets each night.
Camper Special No No abilities.
Cat Lady Killing No Give cats to up to 3 players. Cats kill players if you die.
Chaperone Investigation No See who visits your target.
Cheerleader Support No Distract someone, blocking their night action.
Class President Decisive Yes Reveal yourself to make your votes count as 3.
Counselor Investigation No Check to see if someone is suspicious.
Delivery Boy Support No Select someone to make them use their night ability on themselves.
Final Girl Killing No Select someone to kill, if they choose to attack you, they will die.
Gossip Investigation No Hear villains' night chat, see who they visit.
Goth Support No Speak to the dead, select 1 target to speak with after you die.
Hall Monitor Support No Prevent somebody from being voted for and prevent somebody from voting.
Insomniac Investigation No Select yourself during the day to see everyone's anonymous night actions.
Jock Protection No Protect someone each night, killing their attacker and yourself.
Journalist Support No Talk with anyone you choose at night, or a random anonymous source.
Lifeguard Protection No Rescue someone each night, rescue yourself 1 time.
Loner Killing Yes Kill everyone who visits you at night, can be used 3 times.
Nerd Investigation No See a target's possible roles each night.
Orphan Support No Select somebody each night. If they die after being selected they may speak as a ghost the day after they die.
Park Ranger Protection No Select yourself to heal all players that visit you. Shoot one target. If you successfully kill, you permanently lose the ability to heal, even if they're evil.
Priest Investigation No Select one person to hear their confession, revealing whether or not they have killed anyone in the current round.
Principal Killing Yes Hold someone in detention each night, blocking and protecting them; you may kill up to 3 detainees if you choose.
Prom Queen Decisive No Make a player vote for another player.
Rebel Killing No Shoot up to 3 targets. Lose all abilities if you kill a Hero.
Vegan Support No Tell someone you're a Vegan each night.
Vessel Decisive Yes Use a dead Hero's abilities on a living target.
Victim Support No Block living targets 3 times after you are killed at night.
Virgin Decisive Yes

Resurrect one dead Hero. If you die within the first 3 nights, you can opt to resurrect yourself instead, if done within the first 6 nights.

Witness Investigation No Select yourself at night to see who visits you up to 3 successful times.


Role Type Unique Description
Tycoon Killing Yes Kill 1 target per night. (Required for Villain team to exist.)
Bouncer Killing Yes Kill anyone who attacks the Tycoon, can be used 3 times.
Butler Killing Yes Kill the Tycoon's target for him.
Chauffeur Support No Prevent one other Villain from being caught or killed by cancelling their action. 3 uses.
Crackpot Killing Yes Shoot a player during the day, they will die at night. You may do this one time.
Identity Thief Deception No Speak and vote as somebody the day after they die, up to 3 uses
Lawyer Deception No Tamper with your target's diary, see the original.
Maid Deception No Clean corpses of all information, see their role.
Manager Support No Choose a Villain to change their role to a different, randomized Villain role.
Mistress Support No Distract someone, blocking their night action.
Mole Support No Read whispers, select yourself to listen to Hero night chat, up to 4 uses
Peeping Tom Support No Silence your target at night so that they cannot speak during the day.
Plastic Surgeon Deception No Make Villains appear as tonight's victim, swapping their places.
Politician Deception No Hide/reverse your target's votes. You may also target Villains or yourself.
Sawbones Support No Rescue other Villains, up to 4 times.
Stalker Support No See your target's exact role.
Tattle Tale Deception No Frame your target when they're investigated and make them appear to visit watched players.


Role Type Unique Rank Description
Blob Direct Yes 13th Kill 1 target per night, speak with victims, victims vote on next targets, each victim protects from death once
Convict Direct No 9th Kill 1 target per night, auto-kill investigators.
Firestarter Indirect No 5th Choose someone to mark for death. Select yourself to kill everyone marked.
Gamemaster Direct No 11th The Collector without locking people up. :P
Gasser Indirect No 2nd Gas 1 target per night without visiting them, they will die in 3 nights.
Idol Indirect No 7th Make somebody an Admirer and have them kill for you.
Poltergeist Chaos No 14th Kill each night. Gradually increase kills per night to maximum of three.
Puppet Master Chaos Yes 12th Kill somebody each night. All victims will only be revealed as dead if you are not able to kill at any night.
Scarecrow Chaos No 4th Kill 1 target per night, kill their visitors if visited.
Scientist Indirect Yes 3rd Infect 1 person with a plague at night. Anyone who visits the person with the plague will become infected. Choose yourself at night to kill all those infected.
Spider Indirect No 6th Web a player each night. Webbed players can only visit other webbed players. Self select to kill webbed players.
Slasher Direct No 8th Kill 1 target per night, auto-kill blockers.
Strangler Direct No 10th Kill 1 target per night, anyone visiting your victim is silenced the next day.
Wendigo Chaos Yes 15th Kill 1 target per night, if someone kills you at night then they become the Wendigo.
Wolfman Chaos No 1st Select yourself to kill 1 random player per night, even if immune.


Role Type Unique Description
Biker Disorder No Choose someone at night to keep them from any day activities.
Boogeyman Manipulation No Redirect actions against you to another target.
Bully Manipulation No Get your target lynched to win. Become a Class Clown if your target is killed at night.
Class Clown Revenge No Get yourself lynched to win. Kill 1 target who voted guilty after dying.
Control Freak Manipulation No Force your first target to use their ability on your second target. Cause 3 deaths to win.
Delinquent Disorder No Steal ability uses from your target. Steal 3 times to win.
Ex Manipulation No Anonymously threaten a player during the day, win if they die that night.
Gremlin Revenge No If somebody is sacrificed, sabotage somebody else to kill them in two nights. Effect removed if a player is sacrificed. Kill somebody by sabotage to win.
Hacker Disorder No Choose someone at night to randomize who they target. Unsuccessful if they target you.
Jinx Disorder No Select yourself at night to Jinx anyone who visits you. Those jinxed will be blocked until the visit you.
Rioter Revenge No Get yourself lynched to win and reshuffle roles of those left alive.
Spoiler Revenge Yes Resurrect one non-Hero. Have them survive to win.
Vampire Manipulation No Bite players to silence them. Have all living winners bitten to win.


Role Type Unique Description
Airhead Change No Choose to become the role of a dead player.
Coward Benign No Select one player to cower behind each night.
Gambler Active No Bet on one person to survive, place up to three bets
Late Bloomer Change No Randomly become any role in the game after surviving 3 nights.
New Kid Change No Take the role of a living player, making them a Slacker.
Salesman Active No Give extra ability uses to others who need them. Sell 3 times.
Slacker Benign No Protect yourself from all murder attempts, up to 4 times.
Snitch Active No See the exact role of a target up to 3 times.
Stoner Benign No Prevent a player from visiting you for the rest of the game each night.


Role Type Unique Description
Contestant Misfit No Kill another player, kill all your visitors once, or scavenge for an addition use. Be the last standing to win.
Collector Misfit Yes Kidnap a player during the day, during the night you may speak with them and choose whether or not to kill them.
Evil Twin Misfit Yes Heal your twin at night, if they die you will die. Win against Heroes.
Good Twin Misfit Yes Heal your twin at night, if they die you will die. Win with Heroes.
Researcher Misfit No Select an ally to protect them or an enemy to paralyze them. Whether you are good or bad is up to you to find out.
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