General Rules

1.) Do not share any in-game information outside of the game. This is considered metagaming. Exceptions can be made for games where every player is in the same voice call or all players have previously agreed to metagame. Again, all players in the room must allow it.

2.) If you are on a team of Villains or Psychos, do not tell others that you are. Exceptions can be made for mind games, such as convincing people you are lying about being evil.

3.) If you are a Villain, do not tell others who is on your team, ever.*

4.) Do not purposefully lose.

5.) Do not force people to copy/paste information in game chat under penalty of execution. Copy/Paste is not a game-based mechanic and is considered metagaming.

*This also means you may not tell others who is a Villain if a New Kid makes you a Slacker.

In-Game Notice

Do not sabotage your team. Do not share information outside the game.

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