Camp Cadaver Wiki


Alignment: Psycho Chaos


  • Select yourself at night to kill a randomly chosen player.

Role Info:

  • If you choose to kill, you gain night immunity and your name is hidden from the Chaperone.
  • If you choose not to kill, you will appear normal to the Counselor.

Win Condition:

  • You must kill them all.


  • A Wolfman cannot target other Psychos if the gamemode is set to Purge.
  • A Wolfman is immune to the Wendigo curse.
  • A Wolfman cannot be jinxed by a Jinx and will kill them instead of being blocked.

Investigative Results

Counselor (if Wolfman isn't killing): Your target is not suspicious.

Counselor (if Wolfman is killing): Your target is acting psychotic!

Nerd: Your target has unnatural power. They must be the Virgin, the Spoiler, or a Wolfman.

Stalker/Snitch: You follow your target to a fire hydrant and see they are a Wolfman.